Water Well and Pump Repairs in Huntington County, PA

Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service Repairs Water Wells

A faulty water well is not something to ignore. If your utility bill has skyrocketed for seemingly no reason, the water is muddy or smells, or there is no water, your well or pump may need repairs. Since 1950, Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service has provided Huntington County, PA, with excellent water well repairs. If you face going without clean water, call us today at (814) 658-3639 for a free estimate.

Water Well Pump Repairs in Alexandria, PA

While well pumps can last for decades, there is always the chance you will need maintenance or repair. Common signs of a malfunctioning well pump include low water pressure, short cycling, and getting no water at all. Trust the experts at Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service to inspect your well pump in Alexandria, PA, and find the root of the problem. Our team has over 60 years of experience in water pump repair and replacement.

Trust Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service to Repair Septic Pumps

Without a working pump, the septic tank can no longer function. Whether it is a grinder pump or a riser pump, a septic tank owner must address the issue right away. Drain backups, foul smells, and pooling water in the drain field are all common signs of septic pump failure. If you notice any of these problems, contact Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service right away. We will send our experienced team out to analyze the problem and repair or replace your septic pump. With our mini excavator, our team can easily dig up the tank to make speedy repairs.

Out of Hot Water? No Problem! Give Eriksen a Call

Water heater failures happen at the worst times. No one wants to jump into a freezing cold shower, or try to successfully do dishes in icy water. Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service repairs water heaters in Hesston, PA, and the surrounding areas. No matter the time or day, we will have your water heater back up and flowing in no time.

24-Hour Emergency Pump Repair Service for Huntington County, PA

Septic and well pump malfunctions are nothing to ignore and we realize they can happen at any time. If you are experiencing plumbing or water tank problems, call Eriksen Water Well Drilling & Pump Service at (814) 658-3639 right away. We proudly provide Hesston, PA; Huntington, PA; Alexandria, PA; and the surrounding areas in Huntington County with expert, 24-hour emergency pump repair.